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The Payson Bedding Collection's muse is nature's rustic, natural views featuring dynamic patterns through intricate stitching techniques. In France this was called a trousseau , and was often presented to the bride in a wooden hope chest.

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Couture Textiles for Everyday Living

Remember, bed linens come in a variety of weaves and materials, and depending on the season, you might need to look for a specific fabric to ensure optimum comfort. Cotton is great for the hot summer months, but corduroy or micro suede would be much better for winter.

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Fine Bed Linens Schweitzer Linen features the finest and most comprehensive selection of bed linens currently available on the web. Dublin Linen Collection Linen, Lighthouse Linen Collection Linen, Fresco Cotton, Percale, Buckingham Cotton, Damask, Sateen, Creme de Lace Linen, Narraganset Cotton, Sateen, Brighton Cotton, Percale, Greenbelle Cotton, Sateen, Summer Majesty Cotton, Contact Our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Retailer of fine luxury linens for over 40 years.

Schweitzer Linen offers a collection of the most exquisite fine luxury linens for Bed, Bath and Table at the most competitive prices you will find for products of comparable quality. In addition to bed linens that boast up to an incredibly soft thread count, our incomparable collections of nightwear, intimates, cashmere, tapestries many loomed in France and Belgium , accessories and more, all reflect the high standards we uphold.

Our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Thank you for contacting us The earliest known household linens were made from thin yarn spun from flax fibres to make linen cloth. Ancient Egypt , Babylon , and Phoenicia all cultivated flax crops. The earliest surviving fragments of linen cloth have been found in Egyptian tombs and date to BCE.

Flax fibres have been found in cloth fragments in Europe that date to the Neolithic prehistoric age. Cotton is another popular fibre for making cloth used for household linens. Its use in cloth-making also dates back to prehistoric times, in Indian subcontinent , China , Peru and Egypt.

The Indian subcontinent was especially well known for high quality cotton cloth as early as BCE. Linen was an especially popular cloth during the Middle Ages in Europe, when cotton was an exotic import. It was used for underclothing, chemises , shifts, shirts and blouses, in fact most clothing worn next to the skin, by those able to afford an extra layer of clothing. The tradition of calling household fabric goods "linens" dates from this period, [1]: According to medieval tradition, which survived up until the modern era, a bride would often be given a gift of linens made by the women in her family as a wedding present, to help her set up her new married home.

In France this was called a trousseau , and was often presented to the bride in a wooden hope chest. The Industrial Revolution brought huge changes to cloth manufacturing. The rise of European colonialism at the same time helped support the rapid growth of cloth production by creating many cheap sources of raw materials. British cloth manufacturers would import raw cotton from America and the British West Indies to Ireland , where it would be spun into yarn.

The yarn would be imported into England, where mechanized factories employed thousands of workers, who would weave cloth on industrial looms. In , a cloth producer from Manchester testified about his business to a committee of the House of Commons in the British Parliament. He stated that he employed workers, who would print and stamp 60, yards of cotton and linen fabric a year. Other European countries manufactured and traded their own types of household linens as well, and mass manufacturing techniques and trade competition gradually made affordable household linens common.

Today, the term "linen" is still used for bedsheets, tablecloths and similar household textiles, even though most are made of cotton, synthetic fabrics, or blends. Especially in American English , they may be called "white goods", otherwise a term for kitchen major appliances. Cleaning household linens is done as appropriate to the type of cloth. The bed skirt features a beautiful gold faux-silk. With its refined patterns and graceful accents, the Margaux Collection will transform your bedroom into an alluring retreat.

The Adriel Bedding Collection is absolutely stunning with its linen colored floral pattern densely embroidered on a beautiful red comforter. Embroidery detail on comforter only covers the mid-section. The Allyce Bedding Collection features a rich and lavish chenille jacquard in blue and gold. The comforter and pillow shams feature a chenille jacquard and are trimmed in a big twist cord. The bed skirt features a rich looking faux-silk.

To see the full bedding collection Click Here. The Madrena Bedding Collection brings a traditional and elegant feel to any bedroom. The comforter and pillow shams feature a luxurious chenille jacquard medallion, in shades of deep teal and champagne, trimmed with a sophiticated tri-color twist cord. The bed skirt is a beautiful faux-silk and is pleated for added dimension.

There is no doubt the Gianna Bedding Collection will make you feel like royalty! The deep red and gold chenille jacquard pattern adds a certain richness to your bedroom. The comforter and pillow shams feature a stunning chenille jacquard and are trimmed in a lovely gold twist cord.

The bed skirt is constructed with a luxurious gold faux-silk and is pleated for added dimension. The Auden Bedding Collection offers a large-scale, high-contrast pattern combining a dark wash denim ground with the ecru damask.

The main damask jacquard features on the comforter and shams present a very contemporary translation of a traditional point of view. The ecru faux linen bed skirt completes the look. Overall this bedding collection will give any bedroom a bold and fresh look. The Zoelle Bedding Collection brings a relaxing mood into your bedroom with its beautiful blue print fabric and embroidered medallion detailing.

The comforter and pillow shams are further accentuated with a solid blue flange and covered cord trim. The embroidery detail on comforter does not continue to the top. The Lauryn Bedding Collection uses a mix of rich and neutral colors to create an eye-catching set. The rich colors are shown in the Jacobean jacquard design, while the neutral colors come through in the chenille ground.

The comforter and flanged pillow shams showcase the stunning colors in the beautiful Jacobean jacquard pattern, finished with a sophisticated twist cord. While the bed skirt has a neutral textured fabric presented in a pleated design for added dimension. The Carlotta Bedding Collection brings the garden into your bedroom with delicately colored floral sprays on a soft ivory background.

Ths traditional floral pattern with refreshing sky blue accents is sure to bring a sense of peace and serenity to your bedroom! The comforter and pillow shams feature the traditional floral pattern while the bed skirt is a beautiful sky blue colored faux-silk, presented in a pleated design for added dimension.

The Philomena Bedding Collection conveys an elegant look with its shades of gold, charcoal and ivory. The comforter and pillow shams feature a jacquard medallion on a chenille ground trimmed with a gold twist cord.

The shams are accentuated by flanges in the jacquard medallion. The ivory textured bed skirt is ruffled doe added dimension and is the perfect finishing touch to this striking bedding collection. A dramatic collection of textures in navy, cream and tan combine to complete the Kayden Bedding Collection. The chenille ikat weave is complimented with woven tweeds and textured solids to create and overall tailored look. The comforter and shams have a soft brushed back and are bound with a rope cord.

The Finnegan Bedding Collection features an eye-catching, rich color story of natural life in a multi-colored damask jacquard against a chenille ground.

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Shop bedding at IKEA. Choose from our large selection of bed linen, bed sets, sheets, pillowcases and duvet covers to match your bedroom. Bed linens are the different pieces of bedding one uses to "make" a bed. These include fitted sheets, flat sheets, blankets, duvet inserts, duvet covers, comforters, . Create the ultimate retreat with Pottery Barn's super soft, stylish bedding sets. Shop duvet covers, bed sheets, bed pillows and more.