She soared to fame in sexy beach scenes in the film 10 - and became known for one very memorable gold swimsuit. And s sex symbol Bo Derek, 60, showed she's still got it when she displayed her enviably trim figure while taking part in a swimming race on the idyllic Greek island of Spetses on Saturday.

Nobody can fill out a swimsuit quite like Pamela Anderson, seen here in the iconic red swimsuit in 'Baywatch' serial. In it, Diaz wakes up in a tiny red bikini on a deserted, off-the-grid beach with super spy Tom Cruise. Aspiring model shot in the neck by anonymous gunman.

Bo Derek is an American actress and model best known for her role in the  romantic comedy Derek began her acting career in the early '70s and became an international sex symbol after playing Dudley Moore's dream woman in the Blake Edwards film
She soared to fame in sexy beach scenes in the film 10 - and became known for one very memorable gold swimsuit. And s sex symbol Bo Derek, 60, showed she's still got it when she displayed her enviably trim figure while taking part in a swimming race on the idyllic Greek island of Spetses on Saturday.
When it comes to iconic swimsuit moments on film, few can compare with Bo Derek’s bathing suit jog down the beach in ’s Her braided hair and beige one-piece was an immediate fashion moment. And on Saturday, the year-old actress returned to the beach — though this time, without the braids.
WATCH: Bo Derek Talks 'Sharknado 3,' Opens Up About Her Relationship With John Corbett. Derek had no problem showing off her fit physique in black bikini bottoms and a .
Bo Derek looked amazing while flaunting her body in a sexy swimsuit, 38 years after she appeared in her film, ’’ See the incredible pics here! It’s been 38 years since Bo Derek, 60, showed off her toned physique in a gold swimsuit for the classic film 10, but she proved she’s still got it .
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Jul 30,  · Bo Derek Bo Derek Bathing Suit Bo Derek Stunning Bo Derek Age Bo Derek 10 Bo Derek Is Still Stunning 34 Years After That Infamous '10' Swimsuit Scene (PHOTOS)

Suddenly, Last Summer , Yes, the plot was rather melodramatic. But the pure white tank that Elizabeth Taylor wore in 's Suddenly, Last Summer —in which she played a mental patient disturbed after witnessing her cousin's shocking death—was nothing short of perfection. In one of the more provocative scenes, the soda pop-drinking teen flirted with middle-aged Humbert Humbert in a scandalous two-piece.

No , The first-ever Bond girl, in 's Dr. No , set the bar pretty high. The matching knife belt was a cute touch. Gidget , The teenage surfer character of Gidget first appeared in a series of much-beloved novels, which made room for three much-beloved films: But it wasn't until apple-pie sweet Sally Field played Gidget that we really fell in love! Field got her start on the television show playing the titular boy-crazy beach bunny and ushered in an era of flip-dos and playful, bright bikinis.

One Million Years B. C , "a lot more people today would be studying cave paintings. As fabulous as it is ludicrous, it may be film's most famous bathing suit that never got wet. Coffy , In 's Coffy , Pam Grier played a nurse-turned-vigilante or, as the film's poster would have it, a "one-chick hit squad" but she looks pretty sweet in this super-'70s macramé triangle top.

As Rubenstein explained, "She wasn't comfortable so exposed, so she pulled this red one-piece from her closet. The company hated the pic, but Farrah had final approval and retained photo rights. The poster sold over 12 million copies and is still for sale today. The Blue Lagoon , Brooke Shields gained icon status as Emmeline Lestrange, one of two children marooned on a dessert island, in 's controversial coming of age hit The Blue Lagoon. The then year-old Shields who used body doubles for the nude scenes became the poster girl for natural beauty with her primitive bathing suits, tanned skin, and wildly natural hair.

Return of the Jedi , After being captured by Jabba the Hutt in 's Return of the Jedi , Princess Leia was forced to wear this bikini Rubenstein described as 'swirling gold and chain link bondage gear. Baywatch , As Rubenstein pointed out, Pamela Anderson wasn't even in the original cast of the syndicated 90s series Baywatch.

But she certainly looked good in her "sky-high-cut" red suit. And she looked damned good in her burgundy bikini--which she accessorized with a feathered headdress and a big yellow snake--even if she did turn out to be a bloodthirsty vampire. Ripley was divine; this colorful, fifties-style two piece is a particularly chic choice for tanning on the Italian coast with the young Jude Law.

The Beach , Leonardo DiCaprio followed up his starring role in the mega-hit Titanic with this small adventure film based on a novel of the same name. In it, DiCaprio is captivated by fellow traveler Françoise, played by newcomer Ledoyen. The pair fall in passionate love, thanks in no small part to her tiny blue bikini, and consumate their relationship swimming among a glittering hub of bioluminescent plankton. Bedazzled , Elizabeth Hurley starred in the remake of the film Bedazzled which is a comedic retelling of the classic Faust deal-with-the-devil legend.

Hurley embraced her diabolical role and donned a literally bedazzled red bikini that we'd sell our souls for. Of course, our favorites were Kirsten Dunst and Mila Kunis who stole the show and teenage boys' hearts in colorful bikinis. Opposite of Sex , Ricci's black bikini, a harsh contrast to her pale skin and blonde hair, so embodied the seductive character of Dedee Truitt in Opposite of Sex that the image of her lounging in it became the poster for the film.

She made her entrance in an unforgettable orange-red bikini, complete with a knife belt, "and killed," Rubenstein said, "both literally and figuratively. Blue Crush , Kate Bosworth was basically unknown when she was picked to star as the hard-core surfer girl at the center of 's Blue Crush. Her mis-matched suit—like the muscular frame it displayed—was both sexy and functional. Full Throttle , Her role in Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle , in which she played a devious ex-Angel, amounted to something of a comeback for Demi Moore.

She'd made only one film in the previous six years, and had been spending most of her time on her Idaho ranch. But the thenyear-old star proved she still had it when she appeared looking unbelievably toned--and improbably ageless--in this tiny, triangle-top bikini. Full Throttle , In the all-star sequel to 's Charlie's Angels, cool girl Cameron Diaz stood out in a modern day Aphrodite-emerging-from-the-sea moment wearing a white bikini and holding a surf board.

The Cradle of Life , She spent most of 's Tomb Raider and the follow-up, The Cradle of Life in a black tank top and short shorts, but when Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft changed into this sexy two-piece, the fanboys in the theater fell even deeper in love.

The Notebook , In this iconic scene, Rachel McAdams plays in the crashing waves, chasing seagulls and wearing a gorgeous and graphic two-piece, while Ryan Gosling watches from the shore.

We never fail to swoon as she leaps into his arms and he tells her, "If you're a bird, I'm a bird. She already had the accent, and she certainly filled out the namesake short-shorts. But it was this straight-from-the-set shot of the star in a skimpy string bikini that made the biggest impression on her fans. No doubt bikini separates gained in popularity. Atonement , The Oscar winning film was a series of gorgeous style moments that green dress!

Fool's Gold , The only thing that could get us to tear our eyes from Matthew McConaughey's abs while watching the rom-com was Kate Hudson's chic black beachwear. In Fool's Gold , she paired the dark bikini with messy hair, sandy knees, and a simple palm tree charm. The House Bunny , The bikini that launched 1, gym memberships!

In rom-com The House Bunny , former Playboy bunny Anna Faris is kicked out of the mansion the day after her 27th birthday.

She finds a job as a house mother to a nerdy sorority and plenty of makeovers ensue. Faris' bright pink bikini and chiseled abs are almost as enviable as her comedic timing. Knight and Day , The splashy, mistaken identity action movie paired up Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz for a second time the first for 's Vanilla Sky.

A Change of Seasons was only a moderate box-office success, with critics reviewing it and Derek's performance unfavorably "The only appealing performance is Miss MacLaine's". In Derek photographed Bo twice in Playboy magazine; she was featured again in the magazine in , , and Directed by husband John Derek, the film dealt little with Tarzan and instead focused on Derek's character of Jane Parker , and specifically on Derek's physical attributes.

Several scenes of Derek wearing revealing outfits were featured, along with nude scenes of Derek being bathed and body-painted. Prior to the film's release MGM and the film's distributor, United Artists , were sued by the Edgar Rice Burroughs estate over the name of the film, as Derek's role and body overshadowed the story of Tarzan.

Derek starred in Bolero Directed by John Derek, the film explored the female protagonist's sexual awakening, and her journey around the world to find an ideal first lover to take her virginity. Its sexual nature, along with its substantial use of nudity, resulted in the film receiving an X rating , usually reserved for pornographic or extremely violent horror films.

Critical reviews for Bolero , including Derek's performance, were negative "[Bo Derek] would be a lot more appealing if she tried less assiduously to please" , [13] and the film failed to recoup its production costs. The film received other Golden Raspberry Awards: The final teaming of Derek with her husband as director, Ghosts Can't Do It was a failure both critically a "cinematic abomination" [15] and financially.

Derek returned to acting in the television movies Hot Chocolate and Shattered Image , and the straight-to-video film Woman of Desire In Derek appeared in the comedy film Tommy Boy.

In Derek guest-starred on four episodes of Wind on Water. Derek appeared in several more feature films during the s, including Frozen with Fear , The Master of Disguise , for which she received her second Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Supporting Actress nomination, and Malibu's Most Wanted In Derek starred in 40 episodes of the episode telenovela series Fashion House. Derek had a featured role in the made-for-TV campy horror film Sharknado 3: Derek was reported to participate in the Comedy Central roast of Rob Lowe [17] but is absent from the eventual cast list.

Derek, who describes herself as independent with generally more libertarian views, supported George H. Bush in and , and she appeared at both Republican conventions. Bush, on the operations committee. In Derek endorsed Mitt Romney for president. A horse lover and riding enthusiast since childhood, Derek owns Andalusian horses and is a spokesperson for the Animal Welfare Institute 's campaign to end horse slaughter through passage of federal and state legislation.

On February 5, , she published her autobiography entitled Riding Lessons: She serves on the California Horse Racing Board. Derek makes appearances on United Service Organizations tours.

Derek's father, Paul Collins, was a radio operator during the Korean war. Both her stepfather and late husband, John Derek, were veterans. John and Bo moved to Germany and returned to the United States soon after Bo's 18th birthday; they married in and remained so until his death from heart failure in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Bo Derek Derek in John Derek —; his death. Retrieved July 19, Retrieved February 1, The New York Times Company. Stanton Daily Media Partners.

Bo Derek in 'Bolero ' ". Retrieved 19 August Retrieved January 18, Retrieved January 15,

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The Hollywood Reporter looks back at several iconic bikini moments from film and TV, including Halle Berry's orange number complete with knife holster, Annette Funicello in . May 31,  · Bo Derek in Sexiest swimsuit scenes Bo Derek: Though she has appeared in many films and television shows through the years, Bo Derek is undoubtedly stood number 3 in best known for her role in '10' movie. Find great deals on eBay for bo derek swimsuit. Shop with confidence.