A double-breasted garment is a coat, jacket, or vest with wide, overlapping front flaps which has on its front two symmetrical columns of buttons; by contrast, a single-breasted item has a narrow overlap and only one column of buttons. In most modern double-breasted coats, one column of buttons is decorative, while the other is functional.

Towards the end of the s, it started to be cut with a waist seam to make it more fitted, with an often marked waist suppression and exaggerated flair of the skirt. As long coats gave way to shorter jackets in the late 19thcentury, the double-breasted style took on a more familiar form. The double-breasted jacket as we know it today originated from naval reefer jackets, more commonly known as pea coats. Navy wool blend collared Epsom coat.

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Shorter men often wonder if they can pull off wearing a double-breasted suit or sport coat. There's so much conflicting and inaccurate info around the web, so I want to clear this issue up once and for all.
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Process was quick and painless. Will definitely be back in the future. Diane WA, United States. During the Victorian and Edwardian era, button boots with a single row of punching across the cap toe were worn along with a cane. On cold days, it was common to wear a frock overcoat , a type of overcoat cut exactly the same as the frock coat, with the waist seam construction, only a little longer and fuller to permit it to be worn over the top of the frock coat. Patent leather dress boots were worn up until the Edwardian era with morning dress.

The practice of wearing patent leather shoes is today reserved strictly for evening formalwear. Trousers are uncuffed and worn with braces to avoid the top of the trousers from showing underneath the waistcoat. Only white shirts were worn with frock coats. The shirt was worn with a standing detachable collar with either wingtips or "imperial" style plain standing. The most standard neckwear was a formal cravat.

The cravat was tied in the Ascot knot characterised by way the ends cross over in front, or alternatively in a Ruche knot, tied like a four-in-hand knot of a modern necktie.

A decorative cravat pin often adorned with a precious stone or pearl was used to keep the cravat tidy. The cravat was usual with a frock coat when worn in more formal occasions through the Victorian and Edwardian eras, although the long necktie came to be worn increasingly after the turn of the century in the same manner as it is today with morning dress.

The practice of wearing bow ties as an acceptable alternative with formalwear fell away after the late Victorian to early Edwardian era and became relegated to eveningwear, as remains the case in the 21st century. As with a formal shirt for white tie, cuffs were single rather than double cuffed and made to close with cufflinks.

The waistcoat was usually double-breasted with peaked lapels. Formal gloves in light grey suede , chamois , or kid leather were also required. The solid black garment described above was widely used, but before the lounge suit became popular, there was a need for a more informal garment for smart casual wear. A version of the frock coat was used here too, with matching trousers and a more informal cloth, featuring stripes, or the check shown in the plate opposite.

The waistcoat, instead of being black as usual in the formal version, was matching or odd. Until the modern cut away morning coat was worn, the single breasted frock coat was called a morning coat , and was used in such a less formal context, and double breasted coats made this way would often not fasten, being held loosely together in much the same way the modern morning coat is, with a single link.

The accessories for the two styles depended on the intended use of the coat: This last was accompanied by a business collar such as winged collar, not a standing Imperial collar ; a four in hand tie as opposed to the formal cravat and puff , and a soft Derby or Homburg. Although ceased as a protocol-regulated required formal attire at the British royal court in at the order of the short-reigning King Edward VIII , the frock coat - embodying the background for all contemporary civil formal wear - has not altogether vanished.

The state funeral of Winston Churchill in included bearers of frock coats. Some wedding grooms apply more or less creative civil or military variants of frock coats. In the civilian wear cases it is sometimes accompanied by the same creativity in terms of ascot ties.

As a prominent example, when Prince Harry married Meghan Markle in , he and his brother and best man Prince William opted for military variants of frock coats. Savile Row tailor and reinnovator Tommy Nutter — was a frequent wearer.

As an example of more recent fashion, Prada 's autumn editions of heavily embraced frock coats. On a further note, frock coats, albeit often in other colours than black, survive until this day recurringly in uniforms of hotel staff.

Likewise it has thourougly survived in women's wear, also there often in other colours than the traditional black or dark tones. The first military frock coats were issued late in the Napoleonic Wars to French line infantry and Prussian Landwehr troops. The Germans, having been devastated by years of war, were unable to afford elaborate uniforms like the British line infantry and chose a peaked cap and double-breasted blue coat, [6] again with contrasting collar and cuffs, as these were cheaper to produce for the large numbers of recruits, smart enough for full dress , and more practical for campaigns.

By the s, frock coats were regulation for the American, Prussian, Russian [7] and French armies. Enlisted USMC personnel received a double breasted version with red piping worn with a leather stock and shako to reflect their status as an elite unit, although infantry soldiers continued to be issued the pattern shell jacket until the M uniform , complete with French style kepi , entered service shortly before the US Civil War. The cut of a frock coat with a waist seam flatters a man's figure, as opposed to a sack coat , and such frock coats remained part of some 21st-century military uniforms.

They can either be single-breasted as in army uniforms, or double-breasted as in navy uniforms. An example of the latter is seen in the modern gala dress of officers in the Spanish Navy. In the Lithuanian yeshiva world, many prominent figures wear a black frock coat also known as a kapotteh accompanied by either a Homburg or fedora hat as formal wear. In recent years many Sefardi rabbis also wear a similar frock coat. The frock coat amongst non-Hassidic Jews is usually reserved for a rosh yeshiva , maybe also the mashgiach and other senior rabbis of the yeshiva and other rabbis such as important communal rabbis and some chief rabbis.

Most married male Lubavitcher Hasidim also don frock coats on Shabbat. All Hasidim also wear a gartel belt over their outer coats during prayer services. Most Hasidim wear long coats called rekelekh during the week, which are often mistaken for frock coats but are really very long suit jackets.

On Shabbat, Hasidim wear bekishes , which are usually silk or polyester as opposed to the woollen frock coat. The bekishe and the rekel both lack the waist seam construction of the frock coat. Additionally, bekishes can be distinguished from frock coats by the additional two buttons on front and a lack of a slit in the back.

Part of the slit hem in the back of the frock coat is rounded so as to not require tzitzit. The buttons are usually made to go right over left on most Jewish frock coats, particularly those worn by Hasidic Jews. The Teddy Boys , a s UK youth movement, named for their use of Edwardian-inspired clothing, briefly revived the frock coat, which they often referred to as a "drape". From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Dress coat " white tie " Ball gown Frock coat Full dress uniform Morning dress.

Tuxedo " black tie " Evening gown Mess dress uniform Black lounge suit. Informal undress , " dress clothes ". Cocktail dress Lounge suit Service dress uniform Pantsuit. Business casual Casual Friday Smart casual.

Ceremonial dress Court diplomatic academic , etc.


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