Finding gifts for men can be tricky. Fathers, grandfathers, brothers, husbands and boyfriends are notoriously difficult to buy for. But luckily, with a little help from your online shopping gurus (that's us), the perfect present for him is just a few clicks away.

The thong is a garment generally worn as either underwear or as a swimsuit in some countries. If you've created a new private album or updated an existing one and want members to know about it, then post the announcement here.

Finding gifts for men can be tricky. Fathers, grandfathers, brothers, husbands and boyfriends are notoriously difficult to buy for. But luckily, with a little help from your online shopping gurus (that's us), the perfect present for him is just a few clicks away.
Find the right string or thong at Deadgoodundies - specialists in minimalist underwear for men. DGU ships to over 80 countries too.
Frenchwoman Beatrix Voyant has 38, followers on Instagram who watch her every move as she poses only in thongs in exotic locations. Her hobby used to .
Now shipping from UK! The most innovative men's underwear on the planet, BodyAware's ingenious designs and superior fabrics are everything undies should be.
Archies Thongs look just like ‘normal’ thongs, yet provide the same amount of support of a typical orthotic, providing comfort beyond what is thought possible in a regular thong.
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Post photos of Mesh and See-through Underwear and discuss the photos and style here. New Thong lover Here!! Ready for Hard Thick Cock! Shots From Below and other strange angles. Post photos of underwear taken from below or other artistic and creative angles. Land of the Giants - White Post photos of underwear in public places, flashing and exhibitionist underwear photos and discuss the photos and style here. Stripping from clothed down to underwear and even down to buck naked. Post photos of underwear featuring ejaculation, cumming, pre-cum, etc..

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Gotta love cock rings. This is the place to introduce yourself - tell us who you are, what your interests are, etc.. Looking for aussieBum buds. Anyone ever been to one of North Vancouver BC Canada underwear lovers.

How low can you go? Erect in Tangaland G Strings I just love these micro g strings from Jovana and cannot keep myself from getting hard. Enjoy the pics and please post your own. All times are GMT The time now is If this is your first visit, be sure to check out the FAQ by clicking the link above. You don't have to register to many of this sites features, but to post messages, post photos, create albums, interact with other members, send private message, create a profile, plus more you do have to register: Questions and Support If you have any questions or need things explained, then please post them here.

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Jockstrap Talk Stories, ideas, fantasies and general talk about jockstraps and athletic supporters. Underwear and Swimwear Shopping Post about underwear shops, sales and discounts, deals, news, experiences etc.. Dore' - Beach Dance ordering by The Bondsman I know that I am biased but I also know your tastes are similar to mine after all once a spandex freak always a spandex freak.

We have many other wild things coming for the holidays, new cock cages one of which is about the most erotic and extreme cock cage I have ever seen and that includes those wild German cages that cost thousands of dollars! There is one new item that we most likely will introduce before the others since I am so in love with it.

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I think we should have them all shoot and online in the next four weeks give or take. It will be just in time to get yourself or a loved one some awesome gear for the holidays. This last weekend in Southern California had what I consider the most perfect beach weather. It was mild in the seventies with a beautiful breeze. As many of you know when college and Pro football start up there tends to be way fewer people on the beach no matter how beautiful it is outside and the vast majority are women.

They say women are smarted and it is hard not to agree. I was lucky enough to get down to the beach on Saturday and found a nice spot away from everyone. I found the perfect spot for tanning virtually nude without anyone close by but the hand full of guys that always seem to jog by me ever so close.

I wonder how many expect to get a close up look at a topless girl, there have been many more at our beach this summer. Hopefully I am not disappointing them too much, like I always said I am pretty close to a girlJ. I dozed off right away and did not come back to reality until I heard a lot of noise nearby. Turns out three middle aged ladies that all seemed to have a few too many drinks decided that being close to me would give them a nice view.

I know the girls hate when guys do that but the fact is I already had my nap and it was fun listening to them talk about me. It was all the usual stuff when sassy girls get together. I rolled over and spread my legs a bit so they had an even better look, I could feel myself getting a little harder and a lot wetter. As the girls walked by me I glanced up to see them staring right between my legs into my semi open ass.

The perfect day would have been if one asked to spank me while the others watched or maybe even fingered me. I know there are designs for women that you see on the web, swimsuits that expose part or most of the nipples and as for the bottoms some rest on the vagina lips, fully expose the lips or partially expose the lips.

Of course I am all for them wearing these styles everywhere but the fact is that over the years I have seen just a handful of these suits actually on the beach though you see hundreds of photos of models wearing them on the web. The long winded point I was working up to is that I now see more men wearing smaller suits then I do women, even though women are wearing more revealing smaller designs now than I have seen since the G-string era was in full swing and that was a number of years ago.

Just this last Saturday I was at the beach wearing what was the smallest thong in an area where most of the women including lots of 18 year old beach babes were all in thongs. Let me back track for a moment and say that women are still far ahead of men when it comes to being willing to totally display their exposed rears on the beach.

I would not say men are gaining on them in that department yet. Women seem to enjoy wearing these styles regardless of their shapes and sizes, on Saturday I saw quite a few beautiful bodies, ones I would considered fall in to the absolute perfect range but just as interesting I noticed some big athletic girls and a few overweight ones all wearing thongs.

Since I love seeing people getting out there as close to nude as possible I enjoyed every single one. Being surrounded by girls in thongs is always fun but a little later in the day I looked over to my side I saw a man lying out in a black micro thong, to my eye it looked like one of the Koala designs with a compact pouch keeping his ample cock looking nice and tight and on the rear the thong was so small you could barely see fabric as it plunged deep into his ass, very nice indeed!

By the end of the day there was one more guy out there wearing what looked to be a Speedo but could have been a European cut bikini. Just an FYI the ladies wearing thongs of which there were many seem to be embracing the smaller is better look. These southern guys like to show off their big dicks. Maskurbate Lucas Kazan features sexy Italian men naked.

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Find the right string or thong at Deadgoodundies - specialists in minimalist underwear for men. DGU ships to over 80 countries too. Mens Thongs | Best Sexy Thongs for Men. When you talk about men’s thong underwear, you should know that you’re not talking about something out of the world. The men’s underwear style has been around humanity for ages and has been serving men with that specific sexy feeling. Who cares if the style absconded for years? So, men who feel the same about themselves and are ready to show off their assets in the best way possible, deserve the skimpy cuts of men’s thong underwear. Just like g-strings or the sexy jockstraps, thongs is an ideal option for men who are adventurous and experiment with new styles.