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The only caveat is that wearing one will attract attention. The three options for vents in a suit jacket are: I got the jacket for the suit today and have already received the trousers and the vest.

To say a suit is a wardrobe staple is a bit of an understatement, which is why we’ve got a fit, style and colour to work for everyone. Don’t think of suits as just work wear, the right one will keep you looking smart at everything from meetings to date night, not to mention wedding season.
The vast majority of suit wearing men are wearing suit jackets that are at least a size too big. Guys, repeat after me: You are wearing the suit. The suit is not wearing you.
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For some guys who may be buying one of their first suits, it’s easy for them to think that a suit is a suit is a suit. There certainly is a difference in quality, but like .
Here at Express we know everyone likes there suit to fit a bit differently. With our selection of fits for jackets, shirts and dress pants, you can find a custom fit for a great price. Make sure your shoulder pads end with your shoulders and the jacket sleeves hit above the base of your thumb.
Men's Suits

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Mens suits, suit separates, dress pants, sport coats, blazers, dress shirts, ties from brands like Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, DKNY, Hugo Boss.

I received the replacement shirt with the correct sizes and it fits great. The cuffs on the sleeves are just a tad too big so I am going to have an additional buttonhole added, but other than that the fit is great. First time in my adult life I have had a button up dress shirt that I can tuck into my pants and button all the way down. Thank you so much! I am an itailor customer for life! The fit is fantastic and quality is superb.

Will be coming to you again. Spend Thousands, will continue to spend thousands more. Your company is doing a great job! I will definitely leave a review! I received the replacement pants today-- they are absolutely perfect! Now I know exactly how to order them next time to make sure I get the perfect fit. I received my shoes on Tuesday as promised. I wore them to work all day and that are very comfortable. Thank you for your wonderful customer service and commitment.

I promise I'll be a return customer. Have a great day. I got the jacket for the suit today and have already received the trousers and the vest. I am very very happy with the whole suit thank you so much for all that you have done for me I am t Kling everyone what a great job you guys have done and the wonderful service thank you all Amanda Amanda H.

I will order again! Claudia Thorsrud Claudia B. Thanks for your excellent service! Hello, I am particularly impressed by your prompt and good service.

Even when it comes to paying back. I will definitely do it again and order in the future. The shirt fits great thanks you guys Earl M.

Thank you for your unparalled customer service in addition to the quality of your goods. I'm a great fan of your products and your dedication to amazing customer service. I hope to continue business with yourselves and would easily recommend you and have done so to my friends. The Italians prefer a soft, unstructured shoulder. The English fancy a bit of looping in the shoulders, creating a soft bump on the shoulder line. A wide lapel on a suit jacket suits a well-proportioned man.

The same lapel on a smaller man will dwarf his frame. A standard feature of a suit jacket is a pocket on the left side of the chest. This is called the jacket breast pocket. The flaps on the pockets should be consistent with the size of the lapels — neither too large nor too small. Four buttons are standard for a suit jacket sleeve while a sports jacket usually has only two. For a two-button suit — I prefer either two or four buttons on the sleeve. For a three-button suit jacket — I would go with three buttons on the sleeve.

The buttons on a suit jacket sleeve should be set closely together. Almost kissing each other. A suit jacket with sleeve buttons that come undone used to be a sign of superior quality.

This is no longer a defining feature as mass-produced suit makers are copying this design detail in an attempt to present their goods in a favorable light. Bemberg is a natural form of rayon made from cotton linter.

Silk is a luxury fabric and therefore expensive. It is breathable though, so an option for hot weather. Polyester or oil based rayon linings are common in low-cost and mass manufactured jackets — avoid them as they are the least breathable.

The inner jacket lining is usually color-coordinated with the suit fabric. If you decide to go with a contrasting color, it makes the suit more casual although you can keep it buttoned and no one will know. A lining provides a suit jacket with durability and helps to maintain its line. An unlined suit jacket is bound to cost more than a suit that is completely lined.

Unlined — Preferred in hot climates, unlined jackets are light and breathable. Keep in mind that summer jackets in light fabrics are bound to cost more than lined jacket.

Fully Lined — Lining adds weight to a jacket. It also adds protection to the inside of the suit jacket. Business suits need to be lined. However, the extra layer of cloth holds the heat in these jackets — not the best choice for summer and hot weather. Half Lined — The middle ground for suit jacket lining is a partial lining that protects the canvas of the suit without adding much weight.

Partially lined jackets have a softer shape than fully lined jackets. As with unlined jackets, partially lined jackets also cost more than suits with regular full lining.

Suit jackets may or may not have a vent or slit in the lower back portion. The three options for vents in a suit jacket are: The button-hole on the lapel was originally designed to close the suit jacket and button it up.

Now — it has found a more aesthetic purpose in sporting a boutonniere. The boutonniere is worn on the left lapel of the suit jacket. Only higher-end suits have a lapel button-hole that is functional; with a hand-sewn lining to support the flower and a latch on the reverse side of the lapel to secure the stem of the flower. A special occasion is not required to sport a flower on your suit. The only caveat is that wearing one will attract attention.

No Risk. All Reward.

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