Shop Versona for Our Collection of Boutique-Inspired Jewelry. Find high quality fashions at exceptional values, every day.

See details or shop now. Also is it very important to have modeled pics as well as product pics to make sales?

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Shop Versona for Our Collection of Boutique-Inspired Jewelry. Find high quality fashions at exceptional values, every day.
AlamodeOnline has over 9, pieces of wholesale jewelry and accessories in our online catalog to choose from: rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, tiaras and clutches to match with your customers’ colorful personality and their outfits.
Shop Versona for Our Collection of Boutique-Inspired Jewelry. Find high quality fashions at exceptional values, every day.
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Many of the jewelry and fashion accessories we offer feature beautiful intricacies thanks to impressive attention to detail. From the meticulous engravings and carefully placed scrolls to the vibrancy of the colored stones, we only offer fashion, cosmetic, and costume jewelry of exceptional quality to be used for resale at your local shop.

From premier design , vintage, classic , chic, modern, artistic, casual, bold, punk rock, or even costume jewelry, we've got you covered! With DNA Creation, you can launch a truly unique fashion jewelry collection that successfully stands out from the crowd.

You can send your design or sample to us, and our experienced designers and consultants can help you turn your ideas into reality. With over 30 years in supplying fashion jewelry products at great prices to wholesale buyers around the world, we are fully devoted to quality control when it comes to manufacturing our jewelry.

For lasting purposes, Alamode Fashion Jewelry provides wonderful finished jewelry made from genuine materials including stainless steel Tusk , sterling silver , brass , AAA grade cubic zirconia CZ , top grade crystals , precious stones and more.

To make it personal, you can create customized jewelry with your favorite color stone, plating, and engraving from our special DNA Personalization jewelry collection. No Trick, All Treat. See details or shop now. Rings Earrings Necklaces Bracelets Accessories. Weekly Monthly Quarterly Yearly. Daily Weekly Quarterly This Year. Ships in 1 day TK Stainless Steel.

I have received my order! Thank you very much! Your rings are gorgeous!!! Very glad to have found your company! Would like to know is using Facebook, U-Tube, Blog, etc.

Social media and other online methods are a great way to sell products, but you need to have a cohesive strategy in place and understand a bit about who likes to buy your jewelry. I personally think Pinterest might be the best choice for you, because of all the social media sites, it's the one most compatible with online shopping, and it's all based on visuals.

If you really want to boost your online sales, I recommend you check out our seller training center. We'll walk you through all the basics of creating a successful online store. I would like to set up a online Indian style jewellery items but I cant locate a good vendor to purchase from can any one help me out? How much merchandise are you interested in? Alison Gilroy on Piece by piece sales or jewelry lots?

What are your thoughts on costume, vintage? Antique, modern or all of the above? How do you research your jewelry? There's obviously a market for all different styles of jewelry.

Vintage and antique pieces are really best suited to niche sites like Etsy or Ruby Lane, but you might also find some success on eBay.

You'll have to test for yourself whether it's better to sell individual pieces or lots, and buy it now or auction. You can also visit the Salehoo research labs to find out a bit more: Ana Romero on 0: My daughters and I started a online small jewelry business and we are looking for other places to generate business. We have looked at farmers markets but we find jewelry vendors tend to make their own jewelry and all of ours is mixed. Where I live, the city's Parks and Recreation department handles them.

Just be warned that they might have restrictions on reselling jewelry they'll prefer that you sell your handmade stuff. Malls and other shopping centers that put on special events will occasionally invite vendors to set up shop for the event as a way to attract more interest.

They're also usually less picky about the handmade vs. Flea markets and consignmnent shops are other options to look into. With the consignment, just make sure you have a good contract and you're getting paid regularly.

Peter Smith on 4: Melissa Johnson on 0: For example, handmade jewelry is a popular product on Etsy. But you'll also find people selling jewelry on Amazon and eBay.

Some of it is low-quality, but others may be expensive pieces. It really depends on what type of products you offer and what your market is, so it's important to do some solid niche research. I found this very Iinfinformative. Loura alsiyabi on 4: I mean what the first step, second Justin Golschneider on I'd start with this post on how to set up an online store: Nicole Montanez on Would you be able to take a look at it and give me some pointers?

I think the biggest problem with your site right now is that it's slow to load. I'd have a developer try to implement the recommendations from Google PageSpeed Insights: I will definitely look into that. Also is it very important to have modeled pics as well as product pics to make sales? I don't think models are important with jewelry the way they are with clothing. Kallista Designs on 9: If you are making the jewelry yourself, you've already dodged some of the biggest problems with selling jewelry online—you don't have to worry about fakes, and you don't have to try hard to set yourself apart from the competition since everything is unique and handmade.

I would definitely give Etsy and eBay a try. Legatha Renee on Your info is full of value! Lara bodvuz on 0: Irene baja on Our open positions are posted at https: Daphne Floyd on Ravi Goyal on My niche is silver jewelry women's collection only I started 2 months back! Still Working out selling strategy, so the products is visible to millions of customers! You can find our beginner's guide to ecommerce here: Angie P Pennington on Do you have any insight or wholesalers that would be helpful in my quest to launch a online jewelry shop that offers unique rings?

I do not want to limit myself to rings however I don't want to sell a little bit of everything. I want to offer rings as well as either necklaces, pendants or earrings Your article was quite informative and much appreciated! Do you need wholesalers for raw materials, or are you looking for a supplier who can create jewelry to your specifications? Julia McNamara on 2: Such a nice reason to buy jewelry. Blog post can be a very good way to interact with others and involve in new and relevant discussion.

It's like giving them everything they need with additional care and proper respect. The right kind of attitude in the business really does help for the growth of the business. Richelle Monfort on 7: Run a whois check on the supplier's website to verify when it was created it is safest to deal with suppliers who have been online for at least two years , who owns the domain, and where the domain was registered the country should match the contact details on the supplier's website.

We recommend using http: Call the supplier's telephone numbers to ensure they are genuine. Purchase a sample before bulk ordering to ensure that the item meets your expectations. Watch out for sellers asking you to "safeguard" your purchase by sending your money transfer in the name of a friend or loved one, or by establishing a "test question".

These actions will not protect you from a fraudulent seller. Low prices do not necessarily mean fraud, but radically low prices should warrant a closer look. If a price seems to good to be true, it probably is.

Ask the seller as many questions about the item's authenticity as you can before you go any further. Always use a credit card or PayPal to purchase goods. These forms of payment are safe because they give you a comeback if something goes wrong.

With these payment methods, you can usually have the transaction reversed fairly easily if necessary. We are doing most the of the stuff you mentioned.

Expecting the business to grow. As someone rightly mentioned eBay does not work out if someone is trying to make money in the short run. We do not have have a lot of budget to burn and hence decided to stop selling on eBay.

I have a question I have recently started selling bracelets on ebay just to test the market etc, and I ordered anchor bracelets Instagram told me to contact the companies legal team who have ignored my many emails It took me months working on the page , and to get a solid number of followers and possible new suppliers When i contact the companies legal team to ask for clarification they have ignored me?

Richelle Monfort on 6: I understand that you were simply reselling products your found through your supplier but if those products were copies of that supplier who reported you, it's unfortunate but there's nothing much you can do.

Our members are always encouraged to do research before starting to sell online. Richelle Monfort on 4: Syed Naqvi on 4: Enchantress Co on Jen Altrogge on It's a bit hard to sell jewelry nowadays, much less gold.

I'll definitely keep your tips in mind. Jyoti Sharma on It will also give me a lot of ideas about artificial jewellery wholesale market Reply.

Namatovu Beatrice on What is the best online forum to sell handcrafted jewelry without killer fees. I have a facebook page and I want to create a website as well, but don't know which domain is best. Richelle Monfort on 3: I found it super informative and I was able to take your advice and answer each question. I am setting up to sell gold jewelry. I am designing it and it will be solid gold pieces. How do I give documents stating its real gold? But this website might help - https: Henrik Michel on 5: To my opinion online presence and sales plays a crucial rule for the development of small companies and start-ups in our industry to compete with the big players.

However, some jewelry businesses still refrain from getting on social media, especially smaller businesses, because for them it can seem very time consuming. After all, with so many businesses existing on social media, how can your jewelry business stand out?

I agree that you need to put in some efforts to get results but in the long run it is the only way forward! As a jewelry company, you already have your eye on trends.

Its a great way to encourage customers to engage with your brand by posting photos of themselves wearing your pieces or highlight your most loyal customers. Social media is one of the best ways to have a digital presence and to drive traffic to your website. You are most likely losing sales and audience share. After we implemented our online strategy we have been able to increase significantly our online referrals and got valuable market research since we were able to analyze search pattern on our website.

Social media is about creating conversation and community; having a brand that people want to be involved with and that is inspirational. When you engage with your customers, your brand will seem friendly and approachable and people will begin to know, like, and trust your brand. Brands that people know, like, and trust are the brands that succeed and that people like to engage with, which will turn into revenues!

Henrik Michel Aline Bassani Reply. Richelle Monfort on 1: To gain access to the directory please visit http: Caitriona Lui on 7: So buying and selling of jewellery online are increasing its profit and popularity which has no end.

Purchasing of jewellery is very inconvenient for people because there is a no edge of jewellery. People also must have the knowledge about jewellery. Day by day there is a high craze of jewellery in modern life. People wear jewellery like silver, gold, platinum, sapphire, diamond and many more attractive designs are there. One of my sisters purchased jewellery from Jewelry, which is one of a kind of very precious for everybody. Massive thanks for tippin- straight from newborn baby, fairtrade natural only jewelry makers right at the edge of the world where materials are plentifull!


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